B16a Hybrid Information

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JDM Style

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B16a OBD 1 Engines and Specs:


The B16a OBD 1 Engine is a HIGHLY used engine in the Honda Scene, even people upgrading from cable trannies to Hydraulic trannies, But let me cover some data on it
Typically this engine is found in the JDM HOnda 92-00 Cars specifically the Honda CRX Del SOL, Civic. DOn't get twisted they stopped making the CRX in 92. Often Referred to as the "SIR II". This engine due to its Wide use and at the time hottest car in the import scene stateside made it a very wanted engine. This Engine has a hydraulic Tranny and has a higher compression ratio, 10.4:1 still at 160hp. Several other visual signs can tell give away the truth as such as one the intake manifold it says "MPFI", Wire harnesses are grey and the valve covers have "VTEC" written in a larger font size than "DOHC" .